83 days

The Marine Corps Marathon is 83 days away. I guess that seems sort of close, but not really. I haven’t had to ramp up my mileage and start “really” training yet. That’s one of the great things about being a back of the packer and having a “finish injury free” goal instead of a time goal. This summer has just been about maintaining a basic level of fitness, which is pretty boring. I guess that’s why I haven’t felt the need to blog for a while. I’ve been getting up to run at 5:15 a few days a week all throughout the summer (with the exception of the week I spent at StuCo camp depriving myself of sleep and stuffing myself full of pizza). I’ve also been taking long walks while Otto was at his speech and occupational therapy appointments, eating more vegetables and less sugar, and I started going to a yoga class. I really enjoy the yoga, even though I struggle to do many of the poses. My sweet husband bought me my very own yoga mat after I ended up with the smelly one from the pile of gym mats a couple of times. It’s tough to relax into your child’s pose when you’re deeply inhaling the stale scent of sketchy stranger sweat.yoga memes

I drove out to my trusty trail and ran 10 miles yesterday and felt pretty good. It was my first double digit run in quite a while and I consistently clocked 10 minute miles the whole way. The first 4 or 5 miles were rough, and I had my doubts about doing 10, but something clicked and my body settled in, pushing past the suck, as it has so many times before. Lots and lots of bikers out on the trails yesterday. I’m not sure if they’re training for something in particular or if the Olympics is inspiring people to get out or what. I ran past the lake in Shawnee Mission Park and was shocked at how many people were out so early on a Saturday morning. Parking areas were packed. Paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, biking, dog walking, running, it was a great day for activity and people watching (and since it’s been raining for most of the day today, for once I chose wisely). I saw a dude bicycling in a helmet that covered his entire face, like one designed for riding 4-wheelers or dirt bikes, so that made me chuckle. And there were a pair of ladies desperately trying to save a night-crawler from the path before a pack of bikers ran it over, which I thought was sweet. After months of solo, desolate, dark, early morning runs, it was nice to see other people out there with me, especially runners, even though our interaction was minimal. I’m signed up for the Kansas City half marathon on October 15th, which is 68 days away, and two weeks before my full marathon, but now I’m feeling like I should sign up for a couple more fall races and use them as the first 13 miles of a long run. While I hate paying money to do a long run, there are a lot of advantages to doing so. Clearly I’m craving some running camaraderie.

I go back to work this week, so I guess I should get my training calendar together before I get swept up in a flurry of back to school activity. Here’s to doing race research.


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