Back to Back

I did it again. I signed up for another full marathon. It’s next weekend. This means two marathons 3 weeks apart.  Why? My motivation for this one is basically greed and laziness. I want to have all the highs and warm fuzzies and feelings of accomplishment of finishing a marathon again, but I don’t want to have to train back up to get them. I was all hopped up on running vibes after watching the New York City Marathon on TV last weekend and it played a part in me believing this was a good idea. So I got online and registered. And supposedly I’m still carrying all my “marathon fitness” from DC. It’s not very often that I have that. I’m still chasing that high, and I really hope it’s worth it. There’s a real possibility that I’m not fully recovered from the first one and this is a terrible idea and that I could slowly but surely break down along the Route 66 Marathon course in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I did 13 miles yesterday and felt pretty good, but my tootsies did start to get sore toward the end (and I’m stiff and tight today). If they were already sore at 13, it’s going to be pretty dreadful by mile 20. I’m not going to push so far that I injure myself, and the Route 66 course is set up in such a way that I could bail at the halfway point if I needed to. I don’t intend to though. I do not have a time goal in mind for this one. I will probably take more walking breaks and I just want to finish injury free.

Being in Tulsa brings the advantage of staying at my brother’s house and a ride right to the starting line. No waiting for shuttles or sitting in the Pentagon parking lot for hours. It will also offer a finish in a park where I can hopefully see my family and I won’t have to walk miles after finishing. I’m hoping it will also allow me to run in some wide open spaces without someone all up in my grill the entire way.

Am I nervous? Yes. Am I scared? A little. Am I ready? Nope.

But I’m a badass runner. And I do dope things. So I’m hoping my body heals up and powers up this week and can carry me safely over the finish line on Sunday.

And if you’re someone who reads this, please leave me a message on that Motigo app. I’ll be using it again for this race and I will need even more distractions this time.


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